The Training Course in Psychotherapy and Chemical Dependence Counselling was established in order to meet the growing demand for suitably qualified professionals (to fill vacancies at the Jorge Jaber Clinic and elsewhere)and also to provide those already working in the field with a source of specialist and updated infromation. The course covers a broad range of subjects focussed on Chemical Dependence and Mental Disturbance, and seeks to combine an understanding of the theoretical issues involved with the practical reality of the diseases and their treatment .

The coures runs for one year, and is divided into two main segments:

1 – PSYCHOPATHOLOGY: which covers all aspects related to the psychopathology of mental disturbance.

2 – CHEMICAL DEPENDENCE: covers all aspects of Chemical Dependence , such as: treatment methods, pharmacology, cognitive/behavioral therapy, the 12-Step Program.

Monthly analysis of clinical cases is an important component of the course , aimed at giving students a greater insight into the treatment process (therapeutic approaches and medication). There are regular lectures provided by leading specialists in mental health.

Lectures and seminars are held on Mondays between 18 and 21h. For further information please contact us on telephone numbers: (0xx21)2540-9091, 2529-8585 or